"For you created my inmost being, you knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made, your works are wonderful, I know that full well." Psalm 139:13-14 ~God does not make mistakes ~ Photobucket

Nov 10, 2013


I am now finally caught up posting all of the recent events in Gavin's life since I last posted in August that he was starting school.  It has been an action filled couple of months. Gavin is happy and making such great progress!   He is a happy boy with A LOT of love to give.  I feel God has a special plan for Gavin =)   I know I am so blessed to have him in my life =)  

Gavin was Spiderman for Halloween =)  Even though it rained he and his sisters still had a good time  =)   We visited two local churches for "Trunk or Treat".  Now since it was raining the festivities were moved inside.  We appreciated the churches that provided the Trunk or treat. It was a safe, happy night =) 

Gavin went on a field trip to the pumpkin patch at the end of October 2013, and he gave great thought into the pumpkin he would choose =)   He is just so wonderful, awesome, and beautiful.  I thank the Lord everyday for such an awesome gift!  =)

On October the 16th, 2008 ~ Gavin turned 5 years old!  :)   It was a great exciting day!!!  I brought cupcakes to his class at school, and it was a great time :) 

Here is Gavin at the fall festival October the 28th, 2013  =)   He had a great time!  Here he is with his assistant Tia blowing kisses =)   Too precious!  xoxo

Gavin has done awesome in school so far!   I am so excited for him as he learns, grows, and excels :)   He loves going to school every morning and gets so excited when I drop him off.  He has awesome teachers who love him.  It was hard for me to have him leave my side, but I know I made the best decision I could ever make for Gavin so he can grow up to be all he can be :)  

Here is Gavin this last Friday, 11/9/13 bowling in the special Olympics with his class. He loved it and had a great time! 

Aug 19, 2013


Gavin started school today!!!   I never wanted him to leave my side but knew it was in his best interest to go to school and advance to his fullest capabilities.  He had a great first day =)  He is saying a lot of words and wants to walk everywhere now! He got a big boy haircut Saturday for school, which he fought me about - but it turned out great =)  He is 4 and will be 5 years old 10/16 - I am so excited for his future =)  Here are some pictures from his first day of school  =)

Jul 11, 2013


Gavin is doing well and is so sweet.  Gavin was assessed to start the special needs pre-school class yesterday. School starts August the 6th.  I always wanted him with me and to never leave my side. I was going to home school him but realized he needs more special care than I am trained to give. In the pre-school class he will have speech therapy and physical therapy. He is such a loving happy little man. I pray all goes well and he likes going to school and the Lord gives me peace in my heart for when he is there away from me. He is forever my angel and baby boy.   

May 8, 2013

Bubbie at a park =)

Bubbie sleeping with his "chicken"  =)

Gavin and I on a hayride =)

Best smile ever  =) 


My little man is 4.5 years old now and knows what he wants!   lol  =)    He is a sweet angel and I still feel so blessed to have him.  I get stressed often feeling like I can never be a good enough mother but I try my best. He gives great hugs!   He is just now starting to walk about - sturdy and strong - but still resorts to 'scooting" to get about.   He is a picky eater and if he does not like the food, he takes it out of his mouth and throws it out! lol.   He loves his big bird stuffed animal (his chicken) and he loves watching Dora. He likes to get out and go places but is shy towards strangers - he just likes to stare at them - nosey he is - lol - Even though I am stressed trying to be a great mother (perfect) He is a true blessing in my life - he melts my heart - he can be challenging as he keeps doing stuff he knows he isn't supposed too, but that is what a lot of kids do  lol.   Thank you Jesus for Gavin and I will trust you Lord that you know all and are in control.   Gavin is forever my angel  =)

Mar 26, 2012


Gavin is now 3 yrs and 4 months old and is still such a sweetie =) He loves when I take him to the park and we take walks. He is very sweet and loving. He can take about 5 steps to and from people but still prefers to scoot on his booty. He is very happy and easy to please. I love my angel so much and I know I am truly blessed to have him in my life =) Thank you Lord <3